Let’s Keep it Going!

I wish I could personally call everyone who came to the 2012 Black Business Distribution Reception at the Savoy Restaurant Monday (yesterday). I met so many interesting people who are doing exciting things and making a difference in our community. We distributed over 3500 Black Directories since the event with many people taking them to their workplace, churches and for personal use. More than 7,000 will be distributed over the next few months. And, the online version is up and running for viewing and downloading. Additionally, at the event those who are not included in the 2012 printed edition registered for a free listing   (available to any business) and are included in the online listings.
 Please take time to comment here about your experience at the reception and the 2012 Black Directory. We plan more events so make sure you are registered to receive our communication – “Subscribe by Email” on this blog. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm I saw and the networking that transpired at the first event of the year for the Black Business Directory. Let’s keep it going!

PS: I apologize for the glitch in our registration notifiction that informed some who had pre-registered of a delay in the event start time.

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I heard the weather forecast and rain is predicted for Monday, and I’m thinking that is just what we need to show the commitment we have to each other – business to business and people to people. I will be at the Savoy by 3:30 setting up, if you want to come early and help come on, otherwise come around 5PM and enjoy the refreshments and the people. Rain or shine, I look forward to seeing you there!
(Tony Campbell and band will perform downstairs at the Savoy from 6-9 PM)

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This Monday March 12, 2010

The 28th Edition of the Greater Pittsburgh Black Business Directory and Resource Guide will be available on Monday, March 12, 5-7PM at the Distribution Reception detailed in the attached flyer.

Come and get your copy for work and home.  If you can not make the reception you may visit our website www.pittsburghblackdirectory.com after Monday to view/download the new edition or call 412-391-8208 for distribution sites and/or to order a copy to be mailed directly to you.

Follow this link http://tinyurl.com/85tl5eg to register (recommended but not required) for Monday’s event.

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It is amazing how time flies and how the mode of communication has evolved since I started in business in 1983. When the Black Business Directory was first published in 1984, I had never heard of the internet, a personal computer or even a fax machine. Face-to-face meetings, the handshake and signing in person on the dotted line were keys to doing business and for closing a sale.

The Black Business Directory was laid out by cutting and pasting strips of typeset copy on layout boards and was hand delivered to the printer, where a cumbersome camera process made film and proofs to produce a blue line copy for proofreading. It took several weeks to go through the complete graphic design, layout of ads, printing and binding cycle. When we received the finished product it was distributed overtime during the year.

Today the same concept to outcome requires no cutting or pasting or delivery until it is completed. The print process takes hours instead of days and can be viewed and/or downloaded online as it goes to the printer. Any idea how your industry has changed over time? If you were in business or working pre-computer days you would know what I am talking about. I haven’t seen the people who work on the Black Business Directory in six years. Prior to that time I traveled 40 miles to the plant, worked with the graphic designer on a “dummy” book, and approved the Black Business Directory printing on press. It was then it was sent to a separate company for sorting, folding and binding. I saw the driver when he picked up the layout, dropped off and picked up the blue line, sent additional changes and when he delivered the directory. The staff I had to sell, design the directory, answer phones, and meet and greet customers doesn’t exist. I can do it pretty much by myself, and since I do everything online and have a home office I don’t see anyone at the publisher’s facility and printing plant at all. In fact, I am just getting used to NO TALKING, something that use be reserved only for the library and church. Today emails and texting are the modes of communicating for getting the Black Business Directory from concept to completion. I miss the people to people connecting, but I don’t miss the cut and paste, and dragged out process that resulted in the reasons for that personal contact. It ’s a trade-off for getting the job done, NO TALKING, in these changing times.

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